We Are goDruid.

We are Crafting
a Next Generation Ecological Community

Our big idea

goDruid is a consumer driven solution that will put the onus of saving the planet on the consumer, not the government. How do we save the health of our common home? By marrying the Blockchain with the Earthship.


Our Singular Vision.

We plan to create, all throughout the World, communities living in Earthships - buildings completely self sustainable in water, food & basic chemicals - open to visitors as hotels so as to expand the philosophy far and wide. We seek to unite these communities through the magic of the Ethereum Blockchain - so as to create an independent value chain throughout the World, as well as seeking to preserve the uncompromised character of the Global community.

Our way

Replace the monopoly of housing and hotelling with a revolutionary concept - that of the Earthship. Totally sustainable, carbon emission nimble developments imbued with a whole philosophy of shunning the wasteful, yet simple, consumer habits that result in immesurable tonns of plastic thrashed every year - as well illustrated by the infamous 'garbage island'. If we can get this right: earthy building, earthy people and earthy habits, we are half way there.

Our style

We all know the conventional wisdom: with every law and imposition, the will to breat it grows further. It's the forbidden fruit effect. We have concluded that government coercion is not the way to go about creating more sustainable and earthy modalities of living, so we will do it with the very simple incentives: the all mighty power of the wallet and the surrepticious power of wanting to belong. We will make it hip to save the Planet, our common home.

Our mission

Akin to in any successful mission - every premise must be wrought of dreaming big. Therefore the goDruid mission, in order to deliver this coveted 'caveat emptor' revolution worldwide, is beset at hacking 'think global act local' truly: think global, act global. With this purpose in mind, we seek not only to eshtablish the earthship communities spread worldwide, but the proper mean of communication and value transfer, our proprietor blockchain.

Our world

Imagine a new World, a World where life is neither for sale, nor sold: a World where man and women not only in aware 360 degrees of the importance of living sustainably, but where the value of its life is not for sale in the little things (food, water & health), but rather personably and beautifully community created. Let's create this World together.

Our Challenge

Creating the modern day Druid.

The druids were visionaries of their day. Being philosophers, teachers, judges: the repository of communal wisdoms about the natural world and the traditions of the people and the mediators between humans and mother nature - they were off the fray of Roman Empire power. We seek to create the modern day Druid - combining the off the fray nature of the Blockchain community with the nature wisdom and protection of the Earthship concept. Join us! And change the World, today. Go Druid.

Embrace Nature!

Go for a fully immersive green experience in a development created entirely from recicled components.Details

Clean and audited.

Our garantor of financial transparency and sanity: the blockchain - our ledger is your ledger. Details

All essetials guaranteed.

Fear not - every confort you need, the earthship will provide: the beauty of the green community. Details

Your money, your say - start to end.

Own your investement, the only way to do with class - directly & decentralized, with Blockchain. Details

Take ownership, off the grid.

Truly live in an environment that recreates the Blockchain in the real World: trade unhindered by tariff or commission with all the goDruid community. Details

Create your community.

Think local, go Global. Imbued in nature, the possibilities are endless - just as dreams are. Details


Get In Touch.

We value our community. Hence, we make these contacts available in strides to have our mission in serving our community, and not serving ouselves of it. We promise you nothing less that our whole, undivided attention.

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Our great team.

  • Only do what you unwaveringly stand for. Therefore I am not only here to tell you about this bold vision - but to invite you to help us bring about this ecological revolution. Act now.

    Author image
    Martim Ventosa Project Manager & Chief of Serving People
  • Nothing ever is accomplished without a big dream - seeing it in the potential of goDruid, I wasted no time joining its ranks - now we shoot for the stars.

    Author image
    Gregor Kočar Project Chief Analyst
  • The way of goDruid is that of perserverance: we will only stop when we garantee human can embrace protection voluntarily.

    Author image
    Garam Gu Office Manager
  • Without risking it all, nothing great ever happens. However I'm here to hold the project to a standard of reality, as well as to make sure to nail the project in the path to success.

    Author image
    Marko Saje Risk Analyst
  • Author of "Leadership by Virtue", University professor, Experienced coach and Martial artist.

    Author image
    Jaroslav Berce Advisor to the team
  • Entrepreneur, Crypto Currency expert, Speaker, Fund Manager, Trader, Mining Master Builder.

    Author image
    Jerry Reid Advisor to the team
  • Chief of Serving People, Regional Sales Manager SI, HR & BiH in Brother inc. Central and Eastern Europe, coach4companies

    Author image
    Andrej Zalokar Advisor to the team
  • Project Coordinator at Be International.

    Author image
    Pája Kolářová Idea Advisor
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